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Last night's dreams involved me, my boss, and Oprah robbing a gas station, and the victims looked like one of my coworkers and an ex-friend. Not sure what this says about me.

Quistis is smarter than you., Because I'M the genius here - that's why

Not dead

Also this blog almost is... I don't really post anymore, do I?

Part of the reason is that I have a tumblr now, which is very useful for fangirling over ALL THE THINGS but it's also a huge time-suck. Also, my life has become kinda work-commute-food-sleep-repeat lately.

The big reason I'm posting now is, well, something huge happened over the weekend.

For the first time in my adult life, I'm a single woman.

Technically, we're "on a break" but let's face it. This relationship has been dead for a while, and it's just taken me this long to figure it out. We're trying to stay friends (and he's desperate to make it up to me - where was all this caring when *I* still wanted to make it work?) and it's just a really complicated situation now. I'm mostly moved into my new place (renting a room in a lady's house, she's cool) and even though my commute now sucks all that is dick, it's been going alright. And I can probably transfer to a closer location in October when I hit my 1-year mark, so that'll help.

And I keep meaning to call people and do things, but I'm just. so. tired when I get home that it's almost impossible. Weekend can't get here fast enough.

And now to bed. I have to leave in less than 9 hours.
Dress in drag and DO THE HULA!!

I suck at updating regularly, ok

Whoa, month and a half? Huh.

Well, same story as last time, really - still alive, still at WF, still with David for the moment. (More on that later.)

Things are looking up, though. Work is getting better - I might hit the sales incentive for this quarter (which would translate to an extra couple hundred bucks!) and they're starting to give me more responsibility, which should be leading to a shot at that open lead teller position. Which would also be more money (and full time! :D). So it's getting better there.

Things with David are... better, I think? We're kinda in a holding pattern right now - basically, a lot depends on if Tech decides to keep him after this summer, or if they drop him to save money. If the former, things may yet be OK. If the latter, my ass is going back to Colorado. He's still occasionally moody and depressed, but we're working on that. Right now, he's asleep, I think - he was home and in bed when I got home from work, and I've been trying to be quiet. I don't think he feels well. :( His birthday was yesterday, too. I don't think that's helping - he's 31 now, and he feels like he's too old to make anything of himself anymore. (BULLSHIT, am I right, internet?)


Odd question for my fellow tech geeks - is there ANY way to keep someone from seeing your posts on tumblr? David's dad has me followed on there - and no, I have no idea how he found my account, it's got nothing to do with my handle anywhere else or my name. This is rather sharply harshing my squee over certain things (like attractive talented boys who take album promo pics with no shirts on, good god YUM). How do I keep my online, fangirly self away from my non-line real-world self, please?

It's seven already and I have to do dishes and laundry tonight, ugh. -.- I need more hours in the day, please!

Still alive

Still in Georgia. Still with my boyfriend. Still at the bank. Still not King.

Life goes on, for the most part. David and I are still together, though we're not making any promises re: the far-out future at this point (mainly because he's convinced that he is not and will never be good enough for me, emphasis on the "will never be"). His step-brother's girlfriend just had a little boy - we may be able to go see him sometime later this year. Yay babies!

Two of my coworkers at the bank quit on Monday. On one hand, I'll miss one of them badly and the other a little less so - but on the other, more "emergency hours" = more money in my bank account. And I have a second interview at a spa tomorrow for a front-desk/receptionist position, so yay for even more money and a very easy job (paperwork, making appointments and basic cashiering, and then if I get everything done the AM literally said "I don't mind if you read a book or something" wow I don't think I've every heard that from a manager before). It's a bit of a drive but like I said, easy and good hours and a fun crew, from what I can tell - and the place smells like expensive lotion, which is kinda nice. :)

It's been in the 80s here for the last few days. I like the warm, not so much the humidity though. And the pollen from all these trees is truly an incredible sight - it's like a living yellow cloud. Also, since it's still getting a little cold at night, the apt complex won't turn the switch from "winter heat" to "summer AC" for the buildings, so trying to turn on the AC is counterproductive - it blows HOT AIR. -.-

Doink! prompts are out, and I kinda fell in love with one of mine. Fangirl candy and meta and MAGGIE CAN I PICK YOUR BRAIN, I HAVE TOO MANY FUN IDEAS AND NEED HELP CHOOSING JUST ONE. (Also, let's look at buying Distant Worlds tickets? 99% certain I'll be here for it. :D)

Overall, things seem to be looking up a little. I like this feeling. :)
end sanity - start fangirling

This post brought to you by the letters O, M, and G and the word YAY

Oh hai, Squeenix. So that HD FFX remake didn't disappear off into the aether (like Versus 13)? Lovely.

Oh, you plan to have it on shelves by the end of this year? Cool!

Oh, and you're remastering FFX-2 as well and including it on the same disc for the PS3 version? And X2 is based on the International version too? And that means we might just be getting Last Mission in English for the first time? HOLY SHITBALLS EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

Best way to end a bad week EVER. *jumps around room like an idiot*

Between this and FFEX signups opening today, I is a happy dorky little fangirl. :D Nope, never ever growing up!
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Got back from Dallas with the head-cold from hell, hence the lack of epic post. :P IDK if it was the planes or something in Debra's ventilation system or just Dallas itself, but there was SOMETHING that was not getting along with my sinuses. Luckily, I seem to be over it now.

Happy New Year everyone! (several days late) Only real resolution this year is to work out every other day, full stop, no excuses. That day happens to be today, plus I need to go grocery shopping, so short post. :P See you later!
Quistis is smarter than you., Because I'M the genius here - that's why

No rest for the wicked

Off to Dallas! Plane takes off in about four and a half hours. Mostly packed, just gotta throw things like my contact-lens case and my make up into bags and throw the bags into the carry-on (seriously, fuck this noise about baggage fees, I'm not paying $60 round trip for the privilege of letting you lose my stuff). Gonna be in TX till Tuesday afternoon/evening, only access to net will probably be through my iPod, so I probably won't see you guys till after I get home. At which point there will probably be an epic post if I have energy for it. :P

Be good, kids. Happy New Year!
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Leaving this here:

So I never forget WHY I was so glad to leave the casino. This is what they made one of my coworkers dress up as for the month of December:

Yes, that is a huge felt Christmas tree with holes cut for hands, legs, and face. And gift boxes for shoes. *shakes head* I never, ever want to go back to a place that will do that to its employees.

In other news, things have been a little stressful here for the last few weeks - David's finally finished with finals, but I've found that this doesn't mean he gets a break - it just means he has more time to devote to lab work and research. *sigh* We're pondering going to Dallas over New Years' to hang out with his stepsiblings, but I may not be able to get the time off - the request has to go to the store manager, and she's been on vacation since last week. -.- Work is otherwise decent, although if I don't get this full-time spot soon I'll have to find a second job. Holiday party is Friday - dinner and karaoke, this ought to be entertaining. :P Oh, and we have a date for my little brother's wedding! August 23 2013. Woot! :P

I think that's about it from this neck of the woods. Off to take a shower and then go to bed. See you guys around. :)
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Dress in drag and DO THE HULA!!

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I has teh internetz again!! It took putting in entirely new wiring from the fourth floor down but I HAS INTERNETS. *dances in joy*

Sooooooo, what'd I miss? :P
Quistis is smarter than you., Because I'M the genius here - that's why

I'm alive

Internet has been down for two and a half WEEKS. Scheduling ComCast to get someone out here to fix it has been a nightmare and a half (um, no, I'm not home for two and a half hours between 10 and 4) and when we finally did get someone out here, he said it's the wiring in the building, which is A)ancient, B) atrocious and C) almost as complicated as the tax code. So there's a work order in to maintenance and I'm sneaking a little while in the business center at the complex to attend to my inbox (250 unread messages?!?!) and check FB to make sure everything's ok.


Anyway, that's what's up. I won't be commenting on things for a while, still gotta wait for these guys to fix their mess. *sigh* Wish me luck. :)

I miss you, LJ. It's lonely without you guys.